Family portraits

This day is about your family, you are going to cherish these memories! This is a timeless treasure of your family as you are now. Here are a few simple guidelines to make this moment last forever and beautifully.

       Wear coordinating, but not matching, attire. Pick two colors that go well together. Finding an additional accent color to brighten up the photos in a subtle way, like adding a bolder color for the belts, ties, ribbons, bows; it can be a texture or even fresh flowers. Keep a neutral color scheme while not using basic black or white. Neutral colors bring out the best in your family on film. Think of your home’s colors, and how your photo will complete the look when it is displayed. Layers are a great way to add some dimension as well as coordination to the images.

       Bring your clothes to the shoot.  If you wear your clothes beforehand they may crease and you want to look fresh and crease free. Bring an extra outfit for kids because you never know. Keep your kids in comfortable clothes so they can be themselves and have fun in this process.

       You want to look timeless. Avoid wearing neon colors, or tight patterns like stripes that are too close. Avoid slicked back hair or pony tails. These things do no photograph well.

       Bring your make-up along. You may need to touch it up. Make-up is made for photography; it brightens up your features.  

       Bring some comfortable shoes along. You don’t want to walk up a hill in heels or uncomfortable dress shoes, so bring some comfortable shoes with you.