Mariel and John

Beautiful and unexpectedly chilly April day in Central Texas, at the property that has been in the family for decades.  The Kelley Wedding was amazing!!


Storing photos

It’s a great time to make sure you have all of your photos backed up.

*Disclaimer - I am not claiming to be a tech genius but I do know how important digital photo storage is. 

Now that we have captured memories that your family will treasure, you need to ensure they will be passed down for generations.

If your computer is stolen, lost, or destroyed, you can replace it, but your personal photos could be lost — unless you’ve taken the time to back them up.   There are quite a few options out there, so I suggest you decide what will work best for you and keep up with it. 

~There are several online backup services available for consumers.  Every time you add a new file to your hard drive, that file gets uploaded to the server where it remains until you need it. One of the biggest advantages to using an online service is that your files are stored off-site, so if there's a fire or a burglary your images will be safe elsewhere and easily retrievable.

~ There are many products on the market that you can use to back up your files at home, and just like those online services they can be set up to run automatically and in the background.  There are many different price ranges for external hard drives.

~ You can also manually back up photos on a flash drive or DVD.  It takes some extra time, but if you are very protective of your files it's a good idea to supplement online or external backups with manual backups to DVD. 

Photos cannot be replaced, reshot, or pulled back from oblivion. So don't delay. Setup a backup plan TODAY.

As always, you can contact me and I can help you in any way that I can!

Talk to you soon!

A Valentine to Remember

Time for me to spread some LOVE this Valentine’s Day! Celebrate LOVE DAY!!

Enjoy a fun photo shoot with your love. Make a date out of it!

Nico and Enzo had so much fun with their Valentine's Day session!! Click "contact me" to schedule yours!

January Adventure Wedding - Sapphire Point Wedding - Colorado Wedding Photographer

I love wild outdoor adventure weddings!  And so romantic in January when there is snow on the ground!  Melissa and Courtney brought their closest family members from Texas to beautiful Sapphire Point overlooking Dillon Lake in Colorado to share their special day.  

I am thankful for YOU!

I am thankful for a peaceful Thanksgiving in Round Rock Texas with my pups and family!

Fall Weddings

It is a Saturday in September, that means college football is everywhere.  Sooo, that is what I decided to be the theme of my first blog post ever!    Fall weddings on a Saturday make college football fans cringe. But with the ambient light and crisp/cooperative weather they are quite pleasant for everyone concerned.  A beautiful Fall Saturday is memorable when a wedding and college football collide. So many college traditions can be an important part of a wedding.  From a stuffed Longhorn bearing the marital rings, to Big 12 rival hating beverages served, to the Texas football team loyalty cakes, and I think I get just as excited as those from College Station when I hear the The Aggie War Hymm.  I hope you enjoy just a couple examples of these traditions from some weddings I have worked with.